Will Thames

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Triathlon - in the Beginning

I am a total novice to triathlon. While I’ve run in the past, and cycled in the past, and even swum in the past, I certainly currently lack the endurance to do all three in one go.

My weakest discipline. I currently struggle to do a length. I went swimming in the pool today for the first time in many years. I managed several lengths. None consecutively.

I can manage a few miles on a bike. I need to work on high cadence - my school of thought until recently was that you should go in the highest gear you could - this really isn’t good strategy for endurance!

I’ve just finished Week 5 of the Runner’s World Beginners Plan. So I’m managing to do 24 minutes running in 30. My last run was a worry, as I managed to do 5km exactly in 30 mins.

I’ve entered the Royal Parks Half Marathon on October 12. I’d love to do it in under 2 hours. However, that is predicted by a 26 min 5K, so there’s some work to do.