Will Thames

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Swimming - Day 3

I still don’t seem to *like* swimming that much! I am improving, however, I managed possibly 5 lengths in one go, but definitely two sets of at least 4 lengths! I am trying to improve my stroke technique, my breathing, and my kicking, although rarely managing all three at the same time!

I think it’s the breathing that I’m struggling with most, and the pacing - I seem to start off flailing like a windmill, knacker myself out, move my arms more slowly as a result and then be swimming more efficiently and easily. I should remember to start like that!

My second set of 4x25m was done in 2m35. I’m pretty sure that’s damn slow!

I know my positioning isn’t great because I’m still struggling with exhaling underwater, so my head tends to be above water far more than it should be. However, I will persevere, and I will get better!

Things to consider:
Swimming lessons!
Nose clip?
Paddles? Fins? Floats? (I think they’d be useful for drills *after* the lessons!)