Will Thames

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Remembering the Bad Runs

Some days aren’t so successful. I was hoping to have a lovely last week 6 run (3 * 12r1w) before entering week 7 (2 * 15r1w). Unfortunately, it was a bit of a disaster. My warm up and stretching went fine, but as I left the park to head the river, things started to go awry. My Forerunner kept telling me my heart rate was too low for too long - when I looked at what it thought it was, I knew the problem was with the monitoring, not my running.

Today is also a warm, humid day, with little wind, so it’s quite nice by the river, and in the shade in the park, but it’s quite easy to get too hot.

I managed the first 12min run ok, but I suspect I was going too fast for the heat, as I quickly flagged by about a third of the way through the second 12 mins. I was feeling quite dehydrated, so wandered to find a shop where I bought and drank a 500ml Lucozade Sport. I figured after that I could carry on for a bit, but unfortunately my watch had given up on my training by then, so couldn’t just pick up the schedule. So I ran for a while, walked for a minute, ran for another few minutes then decided to call it a day.

I would say I did 12r 1w 4r 15w 8r 1w 6r 20w. I still did 9km, just not much of it at any great speed!

Lessons to learn:

  • Don’t go running at 2pm on a hot day
  • Eat enough before running
  • Find out what is wrong with the HRM
  • Learn to pace when the HRM doesn’t work!

I’ll crack on with week 7, I don’t think my problems today indicate I’m having any particular issues with the training schedule, just problems with heat and my self-pacing.