Will Thames

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Swimming - Day 5

Pool was really busy today, so had to navigate between people. As a result I just did about 10 lengths with gaps in between each, focussing on my breathing.

Once a couple of people left, I had a ‘lane’ to myself, so did 8 lengths consecutively. I tried to time myself using the wall clock, but either I did 200m in about 5m30 (real slow, but a possibility) or I misjudged where the minute hand was when I started!

I definitely don’t need a nose clip (I often breathe out through my nose underwater), but perhaps I do need a swimming laptimer/HRM (e.g the Polar FS1).. Edit: The FS1 needs a chest strap, which can’t communicate wirelessly in the water. I’ll settle for a laptimer/lapcounter like one of the SportCount models.

Felt pretty tired in the arms and legs afterwards, which I assume means I did some good exercise. Just need to do some good swimming now!