Will Thames

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Yesterday's Run

After my not-so-enjoyable run on Sunday, I was hoping for better. I was obviously keen to improve matters, as I actually got up at 7am so that I could go running before work, which is rare for me!

I did one of my favourite routes, along the south bank from Hammersmith bridge down towards Putney, turning right just before the embankment along the brook, then out through the playing fields (the gate I planned to use to exit was locked, so had to run around the fields to exit just opposite the Wetland Centre. Then along Church Road to the embankment at Barnes, before heading back along the river back to Hammersmith bridge.

This is now week 7, so 2 sets of 15 mins running, 1 min walking. After my previous issue with my HRM, I had a back up speed based training plan, but I had no issues this time, the HRM worked perfectly. By the end of my run, I was still a way from Hammersmith, so I just decided to just have a third set and run all the way back at a gentle pace. In the end my total running time was 39 mins, and I covered about 7.2km in that time (plus another 800m in warm up).

Anyway, the running felt great, my only problem was keeping in Zone 2 on the HRM (still struggling to work out exactly what my zones should be - I suspect Ful-on tri’s heart rate calculator is designed for someone fitter than me!