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Swimming - Day 10

I suspect I might be overtired from four days in a row exercising, as this definitely wasn’t my best session, I managed to do one set of four consecutive lengths, but never quite found the energy to do a second set. I was also a bit pushed for time, which didn’t help.

I did have an experience practising tumble turns. Oh how my nose hurt as I went upside down! I’m pretty certain I got zero (or negative) performance benefit from tumble turning, but I have start practising it at some point!

I always thought of swimming as being the cheapest of the three sports, and hoped I’d make do with trunks and goggles. But no, now I have two pairs of goggles, a lap timer, and am expecting a kick buoy (a float that is used as a pull buoy to support the legs, or as a kickboard), fins and paddles. Actually, two kick buoys due to a mix-up. I’ll dispose of one one way or another.

This will be the last of my regular swimming updates. As I now have swim plans etc. to work with, and drill and fitness sessions to do each week, I suspect ‘did the drills that swimfortri told me to do’ and ‘did the fitness session provided by swimfortri’ will quickly become dull for me and the reader.

However, just as I occasionally write about interesting runs, I’ll be writing about swims that I want to remember for whatever reason. I’ll almost certainly be writing about the deconstruction of my technique resulting from the Endless Pool sessions.

Swimming will hopefully just become part of my training routine, like my runs so quickly have!

Still, I’m hoping to get on the bike soon (this weekend maybe?) so maybe I can replace Swimming - Day X with Cycling - Day Y (oh noes, I fell off my bike again!).