Will Thames

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What Would I Want From an Ideal Training Blog?

I’m quite enjoying using Wordpress to manage my training blog. I’m only using the basic functionality, and I’d like more training specific components

What I’d ideally like is:

  • A way of entering what I’ve bought, where, for how much, and for what, as a means of managing my expenditure, and of course of displaying that information (I already have a private Expenses page, this would replace that)
  • A way of easily entering my Training Log information in a form, and then automatically updating the table. Even better, that component could pull from Garmin Connect so I don’t have to enter everything (although I might choose to correct it (e.g. sometimes I forget to stop my timer before walking home, so my run distances would be exaggerated)
  • I’d like that same information in a side bar - e.g. Week 10: Swam 400m, Cycled 20km, Ran 20km
  • Personal bests
  • Race status

I’d have to go to a commercial platform for this functionality, and probably have to write the plugins myself, but neither of those is insurmountable - more of an issue is finding the time to research and code the extensions.

However, this entry will help me focus my attention on what I actually want on top of basic functionality.