Will Thames

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18 - 31 August: A Fortnight in Review

Goals for last week:

  • Swim Twice.
  • Do two lots of 30 mins constant running.
  • Long run in Australia on Sunday or Monday
  • Dedicate some time to thinking about my schedule to include classes (spinning, pilates), and types of training (tempo, interval, easy, etc.) and how to optimise to achieve my goals
  • Pack swim and run kit

Mon: Swam 30 mins Tue: Ran 30 mins Wed: Swam 40 mins - followed by gym Thu: Ran 30 mins

Mon: Ran/walked 14km (including 1km warm up beforehand) - very scrappy run though, probably due to poor nutrition and hydration, the effects of 24 hours in flight, and warm afternoon weather. Walked up the hills, and had to walk for a bit as so tired. Lowish heartrate suggests lack of energy. Thu: Ran 7km continuously. Sun: Ran/walked 15 km

Goals for next week:

  • Swim at least once
  • Run at least twice
Ok, nothing amazing, but being on holiday with plenty to do does shift the focus somewhat! I have managed to do plenty of reading, at least, so should be able to come up with some training schedules soon.