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1 - 7 September: A Week in Review

Goals for last week:

  • Swim at least once
  • Run at least twice

Thu: Ran from Clovelly Beach to just North of Bondi Beach via the coastal path, and back. A beautiful but hilly route in cool weather, giving a pretty much perfect run of around 7km including warm up. Sun: A repeat of the previous Sunday’s effort, a bit more running this time - another 15km run/walk.

So, one goal met, one goal failed - no swimming at all in Australia

With Australia over, it’s time to get back to normal. Early indications are that this week will just about get me back on track, I should achieve 3 runs, even if not 2 swims, and I hope to return to normal training sessions from next week.

This week is an oncall week, so I’m keeping my goals realistic (going for a run or a swim after work is much less practical, for example)

Goals for this week:

  • Run three times
  • Swim once
  • Do some work on Wordpress plugins!
  • Produce a new training schedule - this has been a missed goal several times