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It's a Conspiracy

Someone somewhere just doesn’t want to me to be prepared for this half marathon.

After two hot weeks in Australia, I returned to a week of oncall. After that week, I’m spending 4 days this week at Wembley training. Days promise to be long (probably 8.30 - 6.30 at the earliest), so fitting in runs and swims this week will be tricky alongside social events.

So that’s the excuses out of the way. I ran 18.5km total yesterday (usual 1km warm up), did a half hour swim session today. I’ll do a Sunday run and see if I can motivate myself for a swim on Friday morning. As for other runs, I’m busy Tuesday through Saturday evenings, so it’ll either have to be before work or at lunch somehow!

Met most of my goals last week, except only did 2 runs, and still haven’t come up with a new training schedule. My latest excuse is that the FIRST training plans rely on a race time of some kind. Good one, eh.