Will Thames

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I’ve been a bit slack. I have a number of reasons for that - Australia, oncall, teaching all week, but I just haven’t got out the runs, or the swims even, that I would have liked.

However, that stops now. I’ve had a really inspiring weekend - I rode my new bike for the first time, and it felt good - getting used to drop handlebars could take a while, but there’s no other way to brake! I went for a swim, and felt really good in the water, and managed six consecutive lengths using mostly good style, as well as completing a number of drills.

Today I ran just 14km. The first half of it seemed to be pretty much entirely at 5:00/km pace, which is a phenomenal speed for me - I would have considered that almost sprinting three months ago! The second half seemed to be at a more reasonable and maintainable 5:30/km. For my goal of a 2 hour half marathon, I need to do 5:41/km. Most important is just maintaining a good speed that I can do for the entire run, and not blow up too early!

Anyway, a great weekend, to be followed by good solid training for the next two weeks, and then taper week.

Goals for next week:

  • Run 3 times - one tempo run, one normal run, and one long run of perhaps Putney - Kew loop
  • Swim three times
  • Book next Swim for Tri video session
  • Plan next seasons runs and triathlons