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Now on Drupal

Recently I asked What would I want from an ideal training blog. Certainly the free Wordpress blog wasn’t quite doing it for me, so deciding whether to stay with Wordpress or move onto one of the many other CMSs (e.g Joomla, Drupal). In the end, what swung it for me was discovering a quick way of creating custom content types, and views on content, via relatively simple plugins, in Drupal. These plugins are CCK and Views. Similar things might be available for Wordpress, or even Joomla, but I just didn’t find them.

So I’ve been spending some time over the last few weeks to work out how to migrate my free Wordpress blog to a paid Drupal blog. I’ve used a Wordpress to Drupal converter (which works best with a blank database - I had to tweak a few tables by hand). I found a company called 5 quid hosting to host my site (at much less than £5 per month) with unlimited subdomains and databases, and a reasonable amount of diskspace. And now, finally, I’ve transferred the source over from my laptop’s test system, and it appears to work!

Current plans are to replace the content that I did lose in the migration (mainly the About Me and Links sections), and then to work on the reasons for moving - custom content types including Races, Training Log entries, and using data for those to create Personal Best sections, Recent Training sections, etc.