Will Thames

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What a Contrast...

After my excellent run on Sunday, today’s proved to be quite a contrast. I had taken a look out the window prior to my run, figured it was drizzling a bit and so headed out for my run.

On getting outside, I quickly realised it was actually drizzling quite heavily, but not one to worry about such things, carried on regardless. I really don’t mind the rain too much, it keeps me cool, and keeps me motivated to run faster to escape the rain when running for a distance, rather than a time.

I did my usual lunchtime circuit via Putney and Hammersmith Bridges, quite enjoying avoiding the bigger puddles, although I think this was my worst soaking on a run (I’ve never had wet underwear while running before, or even got my feet wet come to that). Once I’d got back near work, I headed to grab some food for Peta and me. I got my sandwiches quite quickly, but while waiting for a baked potato, the rain came down even harder, and I had to run back to work covering my sandwich bag to stop it disintegrating in the rain!

All in all, a fast, mostly bearable, very wet run today!