Will Thames

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Swim N Spin

Today I decided to drag myself for a 2 hour session at Charing Cross Sports Club (in Hammersmith, obviously). I spent most of the first hour in the pool. I took a swim plan in with me, but I didn’t really use it much - mostly I just swam a length or two at a time, trying to concentrate on good form, rolling from side to side, getting the timing right, rolling the head in the right direction, all the things we focused on in my last endless pool session.

After that, a quick shower and change before heading to spin class. This was my first ever spin class, and it was pretty much as hard as I expected. I cramped up a little half way through, so stopped and stretched, but was mostly able to complete what we were asked to do, although I found standing and pedalling in the lowest resistances quite tricky. It was also tricky not to just stop and freewheel as you would on any normal bike, but of course the flywheel doesn’t exactly let that happen!

All in all, a pretty intense couple of hours. That and not diving into the beer fridge at 5pm for a quick couple of beers means that tonight is a healthier Friday night than many! Swim and spin certainly won’t happen every week for me, but I’ll definitely try and go again (although apparently Friday night spin classes often don’t happen as there aren’t more than 2 people).