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Interesting Swim

Today I tried out my third pair of goggles in, what, 4 months? So far I’ve had the Aqua Sphere Seal XP (they don’t really fit very well), my Zoggs Predator (felt and looked good, but I left them behind getting changed) and today, the Aqua Sphere Eagle. Having had to use the Seal XPs again after the Predators wasn’t very pleasant, so I wasn’t too sure about getting another pair of Aqua Sphere, but I figured fit was more likely to be model-related rather than brand-related.

The reason I got the Eagles was because they can fit prescription lenses. I got 2 -2.50 lenses, and fitted them, and what a difference they make! Now I can actually see in the swimming pool! I can see what time it is from the far end of the pool from the clock! It’ll mean that I can use the timing clock in the pool for some timings (although I’ll still use my SportCount for more finegrained timings). Oh, and they fit and are really comfortable, too.

Anyway, what is far more interesting is the effect they seemed to have on my performance1. I just seemed to be more relaxed.

I didn’t really do too much today other than the Critical Swim Speed test - basically swim 400m, take a few mins break lightly exercising, and then swim 50m flat out. For the first time today, I swam 400m, continuously, and I could easily have done far more, I think. The 50m were probably my two fastest lengths I’ve done (who knows, I’ve never tried to go that fast and timed it before).

Critical Swim Speed results 400m 10m13 secs (38.37s per 25m) 50m 53.56s (26.73s per 25m) CSS 0.63

Increasing CSS is a sign of increasing VO2 max (i.e. I’m getting fitter). So this is another good stat to track.

1 It could of course be entirely coincidental.