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Slack Posting

Haven’t updated the blog for a while - after Hellrunner, there seems to be quite a gap in my season. I’ve signed up for another tri (New Forest in May), and kept up my training as best I can (the running distances have gone down, and I’ve been trying to do more cycling and maintain the swimming).

I had an endless pool session last Thursday which was probably my most instructive yet. I finally understood the timing of when to start the catch, I realised I wasn’t pulling through enough back to the hip, and also that my post-recovery entry was floppy. I had been starting to doubt whether the endless pool was necessary and, while I know that they’d have picked it up in a pool, I’m not sure that I’d have been able to see the difference so quickly. Anyway, now that Swim For Tri have moved, I might have to go to their endless pool at Canary Wharf. Fitness sessions start in January.

I pick up a new mountain bike in the New Year - I have the Bike2Work voucher now, but as we’ll have people staying in the room where I plan to store the bike, I may as well leave it until after Christmas, especially as there may be more January discounts! Current plan is for the Specialized Rockhopper Comp Disc 2009, although I may go up a model if there are any in the sale.