Will Thames

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T30 Count

I did my third T30 test today. Swim 30mins, see how far you go.

The improvements to my efficiency have greatly improved my speed, but I’m tiring myself by trying to swim too fast. By swimming a little slower I’d still have improved my pace, but without the minute long rests needed between some laps!

Anyway, standard lap pace was around the 32 second mark, although average was worse. I just need to slow it down just a little.

So, result was 1175m, another improvement of 50m. I know there is still lots of room for improvement, I don’t think that 1500m is out of the question in the next 6 months!

Interestingly, the laps after my T30 were very very smooth - I was swimming almost as slowly as I could, and each stroke was almost perfect. That should be something I try and do more of, trouble is I almost need to tire myself out to slow down enough!