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January T30

In previous months, I’ve improved 50m per month. In my last endless pool session, I asked for tips on how to be more efficient, but I clearly hadn’t maximised those gains before the last T30, as the improvement was still only 50%. However, I’ve been practising lots, and going to 90 min swims once per week, as well as my session with Cassie at the weekend.

This time, I did 53 laps, 1325m, an improvement of 150m! 1

I said last month that I didn’t see 1500m within 6 months as an unattainable goal - and this just goes to show it’s within reach. I’ll need some more efficiency and speed gains in the meantime though, to get my lap times down to 30 secs. Still, I’m currently consistent - the standard deviation is 2seconds, which is the lowest its been, rather than 10seconds last month!

I’d be interested to do a T30 in a 50m pool to see what differences there are.

I also had a go at tumble turning yesterday - room for improvement, and I certainly won’t be using them during a T30 for quite some time yet, but nowhere near as horrible as the last time I tried!

1 Actually, looking at my numbers from last month, I can’t believe I had an 85 second lap, that is more than 30 seconds longer than any other recovery lap, so I’ve split it into two, so the improvement is 125m. Still good!