Will Thames

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Running Plans

I have finally sat down and worked out my running schedule, so that I know at exactly what pace I should be running at during which sessions.

My plan is to have two Stamina runs and two Endurance runs per week. The endurance runs will be one easy run and one long run, the stamina runs will be one steady state run and either a tempo run or tempo intervals.

I’m currently running too fast during the tempo intervals - this means that either I need to slow down, or that my target pace is too slow - I’m calculating all of my paces from my October half marathon, nearly six months ago, so I will do another race to see if I’ve gained any speed. I plan to do next Saturday’s parkrun in Richmond Park.

I acknowledge that I’m unlikely to achieve 4 runs every week - however, I’d rather aim to do four and achieve three, than aim to do three and achieve two, which is what I’m currently managing. It’s time to get those weekly miles up ready for race season.