Will Thames

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Swimming Progress (or Regress)

In March I wrote a post called Going Backwards?. I was very tempted to call this one exactly the same.

So my T30 in July was 47 laps, which is the worst performance since November! My technique is much better than then, and I am probably more economic with my strokes, just not faster. Now I know how to breathe properly, I am breathing every three strokes pretty much all the time, to the extent where I’ve forgotten how to breathe every two.

The three stroke cycle of hold breath, exhale, inhale is working well for me, but I found myself getting a little bit headachey, and might need something to help my stroke maintain its quality when I need to breathe more often, either because I’m going longer or faster, or both.

Or perhaps I just need more practice at both fitness and technique. But definitely time to book another video analysis session!