Will Thames

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Cycle Training

Confined to within 15 mins of home this weekend due to being oncall for work. So thought I’d dig out the Spinervals DVDs. Tried ‘Into the Red Zone’ first, big mistake. After about 10 minutes of tiring agonising pain, decided I should step back and go for Spinervals 1.0 Ride Strong with the Clydesdale athletes. Bit easier, but couldn’t get into it, felt low on energy and motivation.

So went for a run with Peta, her third session in week 1 of runners world’s run walk programme. 1 min running, 90 seconds walking, bit easier, although I did up the pace for her a little today. Good interval training for me too, although the recovery period is a little long and easy! Still, it’s intervals that will get me faster. I’ll go for a proper run tomorrow, 8-10km I’d think.

Just two weeks until London Triathlon. Swim - slow, but I can do it. Bike - slow, but I can do it. Run - well, best of a bad bunch, really. I’m hoping for 0:40, 1:30, 0:55 + 10 mins transitions, so 03:05. Obviously that’s a lame goal, so I’ll hope to shave 5 mins off somewhere.