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Ironman Switzerland

Yesterday, inspired by Triathlon Plus’ Ironman supplement this month, I decided to sign up for Ironman Switzerland (IMCH). Austria and Germany looked good too, but both were full. My pockets are now significantly lighter, and that’s just race fees - I’ll also need to buy two flights and ship a bike.

So I have 53 weeks to train for IM - most plans are 20 weeks, but in the mean time I’ll ramp up the long bikes and start preparing to be able to run a marathon.

Race plans for next year:

April: marathon June: middle distance triathlon (bala? beaver? day in the lakes?) August: IMCH September: vitruvian?

So no London triathlon next year because it will clash with IMCH, but otherwise a pretty daunting plan.

Can I do it? Yes. What do I think I can do it in? Individually, I reckon Swim: 1h20. Bike: 8h. Run: 4h. Could well be a 6hr run on the day though! I’d like to miss the cutoff by a few hours - 13 hours would be ideal. Of course elites can beat that time by 5 hours! Scary really.