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Site Enhancement Plans

A year ago, while still on wordpress.org, I wrote a few aims for what I’d like to have on my ideal blog.

Looking at what I have now, I haven’t done so well at achieving all of that - the best I have is my race entries. I just haven’t been that motivated to do the rest, although with the Content Construction Kit and Views, I know it’s all possible.

What I’d like in future is

  • Race splits for multi-sport - I have the data, I just need to display it
  • To start to use the Gallery
  • A bit of a redesign - the site looks a bit too slashdot-like at the moment - probably the white on darkslategray that does it!

Interestingly having looked at my previous entry, the only thing I still think would be exciting to do would be to pull the training data from my Forerunner - only trouble there is that Peta borrows it from time to time!