Will Thames

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2009 - 2010 Goals

I know, it’s a bit early for goals for next year. But I have no multisport races booked in for the rest of 2009, and expect my first triathlon of 2010 to be in April or May (e.g. Thames Turbo, Sevenoaks sprint). Additionally, my Ironman training plan doesn’t start until January, so I’d like things to focus on before that gets into gear.

  • 25 minute 1500m swim by June 2010 - ambitious, but hopefully achievable
  • 45 minute 10km run by June 2010 - doesn’t seem much shorter than London Triathlon 10k, but not convinced it was the full 10k
  • Ironman Switzerland (IMCH) in sub 13 hours - not sure how ambitious this is at present!
  • New Forest tri in less than 2:30 - assuming same course
  • Bike leg of (flattish) middle distance triathlon in 2:45

If I was doing London Triathlon in 2010 (which I’m not because it will clash with IMCH, and also I’d be doubtful anyway because the traffic is an epic nightmare) I’d be wanting to hit 2:30. I think I can shave off 20 mins in a year.

So, basically, be faster at everything. What do I need to work on to achieve those?

  • Swim speed as well as technique - fitness sessions as well as technique sessions
  • Develop bike legs - at the moment I’m being overtaken by everyone, and seem to only achieve reasonable cadence in low gears
  • More variation in running to get faster - more tempo intervals, cruise intervals, and fartlek

That’s training. In addition to training, I’d also like to do the following in the next three months:

  • Maximise comfort in the run - get well-fitted shoes
  • Maximise comfort on the bike - have a bike fitting session