Will Thames

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Tricky Training Weeks

I have three classes of tricky training weeks (weeks where it’s tricky to get training in, rather than weeks where the training is tricky)

  • Holiday
  • On-call
  • Staff Training
It’s easiest to decide to have a rest week when holiday gets in the way - I’m not an elite athlete, and resting for a week won’t damage my progress too much. Sure, if I can get a swim or a run in, then I will, but I won’t beat myself up about missing training.

For on-call, it can be tricky as I can’t really go more than 15 mins from home, so run or bike laps would have to be quite close to home. During the week I can work at the office or from home when on-call - I find it easier to think at home, and easier if there are meetings to be in the office. When scheduling allows, therefore, running at lunchtime can be done from home, swimming at lunchtime can be done from work, and cycling will have to end up on the turbo at home. I can optionally go to the gym for strength work or to use treadmill or exercise bike, but typically I’ll get more benefit from the turbo at home.

There seem to be a few longer spinerval DVDs (including one three-DVD set that covers a 5 hour session!), which I might have to invest in for when I’m doing much longer bike sessions. At the moment 45 mins does me in!

When I’m training people, it’s typically at Wembley or Fulham football stadiums. While you might think that they’d be easy places to get exercise in, they don’t seem to like you running on the football pitches, and I’ve not found showers that aren’t for players only (although I should ask if there are showers people can use). I could cycle to them to get some exercise in, and I could run at lunch, but that’s no use without showers. At least at Fulham it’s easy to run home or go for a swim on the way home. As I do longer mid-week runs, running home from Wembley might seem a reasonable choice!