Will Thames

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Long Training Week

For the first time in a while I’ve been keeping my training log up to date. I’ve managed a ‘full’ training week from Tuesday-Monday, with only Saturday off, so a taster of things to come in the future.

In the last four days, I’ve swum 2/3rds of an ironman, biked nearly a third and run a quarter. I felt pretty tired after all three, on separate days, so some way to go! However, also a long time to go (320 days according to my countdown, reduced after the recent move of IMCH).

Currently, my objectives are to improve my swim technique, using Swim Smooth’s 8 week programme (in my case it will be at least 12 as I’m doing no more than 2 sessions a week), to build up to long distances on the bike, and to break in my newly fitted running shoes and insoles (they’re a bit weird at the mo!).

Having ducked out of two races recently (Dorney Lake Half Iron Aquathlon - felt that I could better spend my time training rather than breaking myself on a half marathon that I haven’t trained sufficiently for, and London Duathlon - fancied a long overdue trip to the caving club instead) my next race is the Grand Union Canal Half in November, so I’ll be building up to 13.1 miles again.

Oh, and I picked up my shiny new Planet X SL road bike at the weekend. It’s gorgeous. And light. And comfortable. And I feel so much safer than on the tri bike, looking forward to a fun winter training up on that. Was hoping it would make the hill in Richmond Park easier but perhaps nothing will. Four laps in Richmond Park on it were fine. Photos to follow when I’ve decided on the colour scheme for the tyres and saddle!