Will Thames

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Shaking Things Up a Little

Although I understand the literature that suggests that a low heartrate run is good for fat burning and general improvement (while I’ll be slow now, as I become accustomed to it, it’ll get faster and faster at the same low heartrate, is the principle), I still remember the maxim ‘if you train slow, you’ll run slow’. So I felt it was time to shake off the cobwebs after quite a few low HR runs recently.

Today I went for the Hammersmith - Putney bridge loop, running a slow 1km warmup run, then going into a 5x1000m cruise interval run, with 1 min running recovery in between each. It felt great - most of the time I felt like I was in control of my breathing, in fact I was going faster than my running calculator suggested (was supposed to be around 5:00/km rather than 4:50/km). Looking at my heart rate it seems I recovered into a lower zone in time for the next interval, and I felt I maintained a fairly consistent pace and exertion, without dropping off too much towards the end.

Would be interested to do a bigger interval set in future, and also to try the tempo intervals (e.g. 3x3000m, with 5 min rest, but that’s almost a long run for me at the moment - won’t be in six months time, of course!).

Anyway, good to know the trainers are broken in, although should note a small amount of stiffness on the top of my right knee - worth keeping an eye on.