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New Year, New Training Plan, New Blog Entry!

Over the last month I’ve been indulging in the typical December pastimes of eating and drinking too much, and training too little. With the New Year, and now just 29 weeks to Ironman, my new training plan has started. I’m starting at week 2 of Don Fink’s Intermediate 30 week programme (hence the need to skip week 1). It starts off quite gently, although I’ve already had to do two workouts in a day. My plan today of doing swim and gym was foiled by too long a swim. However, in all cases of conflict, gym will always be the first thing to go, as specific training is better. Still want to work on my core though.

To that avail, I unboxed my latest gadget today - a new set of Elite Ghibli Parabolic rollers. I even gave them a quick go in a doorway - they’re ludicrously difficult at first - I even managed to go off the side at one point, but that was probably a function of going too slow. I can see I’m going to get a great workout from them just trying to keep upright, and apparently the challenge makes time pass more quickly (guess I’ll believe that one when I see it).

In other gadget news, I got a Garmin Edge 705 for Christmas - very shiny, and should make for more interesting bike rides. Once I’ve upgraded the maps. I figured the default map wouldn’t be amazing, but might suffice. How wrong could I be - it didn’t even recognise the road on which I live! A bit of research needed before I commit to buying a map, but I have been given very thorough advice on the matter - just need to weigh up the pros and cons of a couple of choices contained within.