Will Thames

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Snowy Sunday Afternoon Run

I was in two minds whether it was sensible to run today - certainly if the recent ice hadn’t improved I’d have had to look to some kind of indoor training. However, it looked like it had thawed a bit, so I set out for my planned 90 mins run.

My plan was to run up to Richmond Park and then head back after 45 minutes - wasn’t quite sure where this would be. At the start of the route just after Colet Court finally runs out of land, there was a fork in the path. Normally I stick to the river but the left hand fork was so snowy and inviting, I decided to explore. After not too far I came to a gate, and this took me onto a more elevated path - to my left, probably 10 feet below, was a totally icy lake. I was able to run along the path by the lake for a good while, before it finally ended - and then I got to the sign - it was in fact the Leg O’ Mutton Nature Reserve. Carrying on towards Barnes, I noticed I was running through Small Profit Dock Gardens - what a fantastic name. I’ve been running that route for 18 months now, and this was the first time I’d been through either. Just goes to show what a little snow can do.

Much of the rest of the run was uneventful, although Richmond Park itself was gorgeous, very snowy. I stuck to the road past the White Lodge, and then onto the Tamsin Trail to get the most of the run. Saw a few deer at the Robin Hood Gate end, and then headed back out of Roehampton Gate, down past the Priory, across to Barnes Station then along Castelnau back to Hammersmith.

In the end it was a 16km run in 1:35, which is as fast as I normally manage in normal conditions. The snow was reasonably fun to run in (not too deep, mostly not too icy), thankfully.