Will Thames

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Training Update - 28 Weeks to Go

Number of training hours (done/planned)

Swim: 2/3 Bike: 1/1 Run: 2.75/2.75 Core/weights: 0.1/0.75 Total: 5.85/7.5

What went well

Went on SwimSmooth’s training clinic all of Saturday - so while that worked out at a bit under 1 training hour, I actually spent 9 hours swimming or thinking about swimming. I now know what the major faults in my swim are (and they’re not too bad - exhalation timing, initial catch and pacing) so hopefully I can start to make real improvements. I also realised that while technique is an issue, it’s no longer as big a deal as just working harder to get faster (not at the expense of technique)

I started using my rollers - only for half an hour, and probably didn’t get particularly effective pedalling technique session but hopefully the extra work to maintain balance will pay off in technique elsewhere. I plan to stick at the rollers, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to do hour long sessions or longer in future.

I managed to go running on three occasions in spite of the snow and ice.

What didn’t go well

I did no core this week. I did very little weights (although weights will continue to be the sacrificial lamb when short on time).

Bike was planned to be very short, but it does mean I’m not working hard enough on it - it should be probably around half of my weekly effort.

Thoughts for next week’s plan

I’d like to do three sessions of each discipline per week, but with a rest day that would mean two sessions on three days per week. That seems like quite a lot of additional effort, particularly as the big sessions at the weekend would mean I’d be less likely to want to do it then, which would mean one week day being a rest day, one week day being a one session day and the other three days being two session days. Maybe I’ll build up to that!

Main thoughts are to do more on the bike (difficult in this weather but not impossible with rollers and turbo) and to concentrate on the weaknesses identified in the swim clinic.