Will Thames

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On the Rollers

Had another go at the rollers tonight - just 30 mins, but felt long enough. The main reasons I bought the rollers is that I think that they will improve my balance and handling, and also be slightly more interesting than the turbo.

I’ve now done an hour, and I’m definitely improving - I’m going minutes without bumping off the door frame, I’m cycling clipped in, and I only occasionally nearly cycle off it. Today I tried drinking from the bottle, taking a hand off handlebars, changing gears, shifting between hoods, drops and tops. Also tried some standing up.

ln future I’d like all of these to be more normal, and also add in eating, more shifting positions, more standing, more high cadence (today was around 70 rpm) and more hands off (at least one hand comfortably, perhaps both in the long distance future to prove that I control my balance). Oh, and I’d like to move out from the doorframe! Bouncing off it occasionally is fine but I aim to be fully independent in future!