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Training Update - 27 Weeks to Go

Number of training hours (done/planned)

Swim: 3/3 Bike: 1/2 Run: 3/3.25 Core/weights: 0.25/1.25 Total: 7.25/9.5

What went well

Managed to swim three times this week, involving two 7am starts (and I’m not a morning person). Also exercised twice on two days, which is also good practice. Arranged my bikefit session, to ensure that cycling is soft on the knees - would have been on Thursday just gone, but got moved to this Tuesday coming. Went running today in spite of feeling under the weather, although given I’m still not feeling any better, not convinced that was an entirely sensible plan. Will have to play this week by ear now.

What didn’t go well

I did very little core this week. I always seem to be planning it for just after a long session, so haven’t felt like it, and it’s still the sacrificial lamb.

Didn’t go for a long bike yesterday as planned - the weather was lousy and by the time I felt ready there wasn’t much daylight left. Overheated on the rollers, so only managed 30 mins in total, not great.

Thoughts for next week’s plan

I’m happy with my session planning for this week - any shortcomings were due to length of time I was willing to put into a session, not the number of sessions. So I will attempt the same again this week, and perhaps go for a more realistic level of core (three * 1/4 hour). I need to use evenings better too - before work and lunchtime are a little constrained (although before work is constrained only by what time I get up).

Next week I will go outside on the bike unless it is snowy or icy - rain is not a sufficient excuse!