Will Thames

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My First Bikefit

If I’m going to go long, I want to do so in as much comfort as the rules allow (so a limo is not an option). As such I’m prepared to invest in things that will improve my efficiency, such as my recent Swim Smooth clinic, improve my running technique (my new Newton Sir Isaacs) and now a proper bike fit.

After some searching around, I came across The Bike Whisperer based nearby in Ealing, run by Scherrit and Corinne. There sessions can be as long as 3 hours, with the last session at 7pm - in the end evenings are enough of a premium at the moment so I decided to cash in some time off in lieu and take an afternoon off.

I was given the promised great cup of coffee, and Scherrit took my history of cycling and niggles, and measured my bike. After this I popped on the turbo and we went through a cycle of pedalling, tweaking, more pedalling and more tweaking. My cleats were reoriented to reduce the niggle in my right medial ligament, and my saddle moved forward and lowered slightly. Apparently I’m not very leggy and am mostly torso-ey.

The great news was that the guys at GB Cycles had done a fantastic job of fitting my bike for me in terms of the stuff that couldn’t be changed - frame size, handlebar width and stem length were all deemed perfect.

One other great result was the guarantee - the payment was for one bike and one pair of shoes - so if I have any problems with the fitting I can go back and get readjusted at no extra cost.

Had a fun ride home in the dark, was the first time I’d ridden at night in months. I had all my reflective gear on, although I did borrow a light from Scherrit which I’ll post back as soon as I can (I found my back light next to where I’d been packing my bag ready to go out).