Will Thames

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Training Update - 26 Weeks to Go

Number of training hours (done/planned)

Swim: 3.25/3 Bike: 2.66/3 Run: 3/3 Core/weights: 0.5/0.5 Total: 9.4/9.5

What went well

Had my bikefit session. Managed to cope with a schedule rearranged because of last Sunday’s illness - took Monday as a rest day and so all my swims had to move by a day, and everything else had to slot in with that. Very close to my planned weekly hours, just a roller session short really. Starting to feel good in the water, the extra sessions and extra distances may be paying off. I think yesterday’s session confirms that my first CSS test was more accurate than my second one. CSS = 31s/25m

What didn’t go well

Fitting two biggish sessions in on the Saturday meant I didn’t have much time or energy to do anything else during the day - it felt like a bit of a rush and I neglected Peta. I think one four hour session would have been easier!

My nutritional planning (or lack of) at weekends is starting to show. I need to be better organised so that I can plan eating better.

Navigation on the bike ride, even with the GPS, was a bit of a chore. Next time I’ll try less ambitious routes - this one had a few too many turns (as with every turn is the potential to go the wrong way)

Thoughts for next week’s plan

I’m oncall this week, which limits my training. My goal is to do three swims, three indoor bikes and two runs, with the long run in the Monday of the week after. Might do more in the gym as a result next weekend.