Will Thames

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Training Update - 25 Weeks to Go

Number of training hours (done/planned)

Swim: 3.5/3 Bike: 0.75/2.25 Run: 1.25/1.75 Core/weights: 0.0/0.5 Total: 5.55/7.5

What went well

Set up my fundraising page to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Went running in the dark twice after work to ensure I kept up a reasonable schedule. Three good length swims are always an achievement to be happy with.

What didn’t go well

Turned into an epic week at work, particularly the weekend, so didn’t make all planned exercise sessions. Bike suffered as usual.

Thoughts for next week’s plan

Will take some time off in lieu assuming work is not as disastrous, and make up training. It’s still early in the build-up so I can afford a quieter week, and a rest week may well be beneficial, so I shouldn’t feel the urge to make it all up next week. A good couple of long runs and bikes are my major goals for next week, time and work permitting.