Will Thames

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Ironman Switzerland - 24 Weeks to Go

Type Hours done Hours planned Total distance Max distance
Swim 2.5 3 5.2km 2.6km
Bike 4 4 73km 60km
Run 3.5 5.25 39.25km 21.75km
Core 0.25 0.5    
Total 9.75 12.75    

What went well

Good long bike and long run, met all of my planned targets after Tuesday. Had a good but hard long ride in the Surrey Hills yesterday, legs didn’t hurt as badly as last time but still need to build up to a heavy hilly ride.

What didn’t go well

Monday was an unplanned rest day due to excess work. Tuesday evening was also written off. Missed one swim, one run, one bike and one core session as a result. Forgot to take my shoes in on Thursday, although just moved the run to Friday instead.

Thoughts for next week’s plan

I should prioritise the bike more - I managed three runs this week but only two bikes - I can already run a half marathon, so probably need more practice cycling. Should have a great long ride next weekend - plan is for a longer, but less steep, ride.