Will Thames

swim, bike, run, tech

Ironman Goals

I plan to do Ironman Switzerland in 14 hours, broken down as follows:

  • Swim: 1h30
  • Bike: 7h30
  • Run: 4h40
plus 20 mins for transitions (very generous but allows for full changes of clothes from swim to bike and bike to run)

All of those should be doable, and indeed the run is 40 mins longer than I’d expect a standalone marathon to take. It may be the case that with a wetsuit on, I can do 3.8km quicker than 1h30, but there’s no rush for me for that leg.

Other than injury, which obviously I won’t seek out, what are the major obstacles to achieving this?


I will create a proper nutrition plan for the day - in summary I plan to use provided water and add energy powder, and also eat bars, gels, and shot bloks. I haven’t yet decided how to add savoury to my diet - mini cheddars have pros and cons.


Basically be as comfortable as I can (so wear cycle shorts rather than trishorts) - training will hopefully improve my stamina to stay in one position for that long, my main aggravators currently are my hands and wrists (aerobars could help there) and lower back (made worse by hills). My knees are another possible source of pain, especially on hills. Speaking of hills, they are probably my main limiter, in both directions - so I plan to do more hill intervals, probably on weeknights once it gets dark later.


As long as I don’t destroy myself on the bike, and can provide myself sufficient calories, I see the run as mostly mental - being able to just keep pushing forward even though I’m tired and would like a nice rest now.