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Ironman Switzerland - 18 Weeks to Go

After a week off for skiing, and accompanying weight gain due to excessive reblochon and vin rouge, I had plenty of motivation for a solid week’s training. The Cheltenham horse racing festival meant that lunch break training was a little more risky than normal, but by Friday I’d decided that I could escape for an hour.

This week I managed two swims, two bikes and three runs. The long bike was my longest ride ever, at 125kms, but it’s still a long way short of the Ironman bike leg. My run today following that long bike really hurt towards the end - again, at 25km it’s well short of the run leg distance.

I’ll just have to keep extending my distances until they’re a lot closer to IM distance. I’m going to move over to the FIRST marathon plan from now - there are 16 weeks on the plan, which will fit realistically with my schedule, as I have two weeks where I doubt I’ll get any decent running in.

I have plans to post a separate update about my nutrition thoughts for the race day, and another update finally stating what my goal times are (while I could just say it’s my first IM and I’m just aiming to compete, I wouldn’t be training as hard as I am if I didn’t have marginally more ambitious plans). Along with my goals I’ll also detail what the limiters are, and how I propose to overcome them.