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Ironman Switzerland - 13 Weeks to Go

Since my last write-up, four weeks have passed. The number of days left until IMCH is now down to double digits - indeed less than 90!

Much of the lack of entries here has been due to my holiday in Lanzarote that was supposed to be 7 days and ended up being 12. Lanzarote should in theory be a great place to be stuck as a triathlete - plenty of long hilly bike rides to do - and indeed the bike was my most trained discipline with over 8 hours logged. I got a good couple of longish runs (I hesitate them to call them long runs at this point of training - they were a bit shorter than planned, but also significantly hotter and hillier). I did very little swimming. And we ate out a lot. Found many fine restaurants. And lazed around by the pool a bit. Compared to what it might have been, it was quite an active holiday, however. But not as active as if I’d not been relaxing on holiday!

After a stag do at the weekend that pretty much wrote off any desire to train, it’s now time to get back in the groove.

One run in today and it all feels good again, planning a swim and bike tomorrow, another run on Weds, bike Thursday and swim Friday. Oh, and then a wedding on Saturday. May really isn’t going to be much better than April ended, what with a second wedding two weeks later followed by a short holiday in Scotland (might take some training kit and squeeze something in). As it’s a long weekend, I’ll plan a run on Sunday and then long bike on Monday, so this wedding shouldn’t hit too hard.