Will Thames

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Why Do I Do It to Myself

So, I’ve had my confirmation of my Bala entry confirmed.

Apparently it was rated one of the UK’s 10 toughest triathlons in 2007.

The bike doesn’t look too bad - about 650m climbing, the run could be the harder section with 150m altitude gain.

The Bala distances aren’t quite half the ironman distances - it’s a 2km swim (vs 1.9 for HIM), 80km bike (vs 90km), 20km run (vs 21km).

Taking that into account, I’m hoping to do it in a bit under half my IMCH target - so under 7 hours, with 00:50 swim, 03:20 bike, 02:15 run - allowing ridiculously slow 10 min for each transition (difficult to halve transition times while practising for the main event) that should be 06:50. However, failure to meet this is fine if it results in a learning experience for IMCH - this is not my A race. Things I do want to practise are nutrition and to see if I can survive in trikit or should have a full change in the main event.