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Ironman Switzerland - 12 Weeks to Go

A mixed week this week - happy with my running and swimming leaving, as usual, my cycling to be unhappy about. It was all looking so good until today - an unprecedented 70km done before the weekend, with my first weeknight outing to Richmond Park, and a strong session on the rollers. Tiredness, lethargy, bad weather and disorganisation combined today to knock a large hole in my plans, and the 150km long ride that I’d planned at one point turned into a 60km set of circuits around Richmond Park.

Talking of Richmond Park, I’ve entered the London Duathlon. This year they have an Epic version - 20km run, 80km bike, 10km run. Of course I signed up for that one, in spite of the cut off of 6h30 - which is pretty much my estimated time (2hrs, 3h30, 1hr), if you don’t include transitions! There will be a few minutes I can shave off here and there, but it will be close! I have a suspicion that after 10 laps of Richmond Park, I may never want to see the place again!

On the positive side this week, I did my longest ever run, of 32km. Of course come 25 July I’ll have to do an extra 10km on top of that, after having just swam nearly 4km and biked 180km.