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Ironman Switzerland - 9 Weeks to Go

With nine weeks left, I’ve had my slackest week since I went skiing (and probably got more fitness benefit from that). In fairness, I always knew I wasn’t going to get much done in nine days away in Scotland - the fact I did a 27km hilly offroad run was probably more surprising than if I’d done nothing. Holiday and training just don’t mix well for me - I usually try and fit too much in to days as it is.

Still, I now have two weeks to get some proper training in before I have a small taper for Bala (as it’s not my A race and I’m nowhere near overtrained I’ll probably taper less than I plan to for IMCH).

Following yesterday’s short bike and today’s slow 10km, plans for the rest of the week include Tues: swim, bike; Weds: run; Thurs: bike; Fri: swim; Sat: long bike; Mon: long run