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Ironman Switzerland - 8 Weeks to Go

This week was a solid training effort, although it was spread over 8 days to make the most of the bank holiday weekend - I did the long bike on Saturday and the long run today so that I could enjoy family time at the Wetland Centre (and the Stonemasons Arms for Sunday roast).

Not only did I set personal distance records in all three sports, I actually did more of each discipline this week than is in the Ironman race - this is a first for me (perhaps a late first for this stage of training, but I’m still happy with that).

Swim: 6.7km total, 4.1km longest (108% of IM swim) Bike: 227km total, 155km longest (86% of IM bike) Run: 56km total, 35.8km longest (85% of IM run)

Hoping to fit in a reasonable training week in the next 6 days before I start a small taper for Bala - a wedding on Saturday means that I can’t do a long run and long bike, so I’ll do a medium distance brick on the Sunday.

Nearly prepared for Bala - car hire sorted, accommodation looks close to being sorted, so just need to find (or buy) a few things on the checklist (number belt, bodyglide, glasses cords). Oh, and my wetsuit needs to turn up (apparently it should be with me this week)