Will Thames

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One Week to Bala

A break from my Ironman updates (7 weeks until IMCH) - it’s only a week until my first race of the season! I’m expecting it to be a fabulous race - everything I’ve heard about Bala has been positive (except that it’s a bit hard).

In terms of readiness, I’m reasonably happy - while my training hasn’t been 100% in the last few months, it’s been reasonable given the circumstances. I know I can do the distances (at least individually!) and the climbs, so I’m not expecting too many problems. I’m now well tested at puncture repairs (although need to stock up on spare tubes!). There are three things missing from my kit list, but all race kit is well tested, as is race nutrition (although haven’t fully decided on nutrition strategy yet - whether to stick purely to gels plus water or use energy drink and shot bloks too).

Car is booked, accommodation is booked (with much thanks to Gareth at Bala TIC who sorted that out for me), so it’ll be a nice gentle week tapering ready for the race.

Predictions: 2km swim: 0:45; 80km bike: 3:20; 20km run: 2:15. T1+T2: 0:10; Total: 06:30