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Ironman Switzerland - 3 Weeks to Go

After a couple of slack training weeks in which I recovered from Bala, had our wedding anniversary and then went to California, it was time to get back into proper training.

While all my training can be seen on the Training Log, a quick summary of this week shows: Swim: 3 hours, 5.5km (approx) - longest 4km Bike: 10h45, 258km - longest 180km Run: 3h50, 39km - longest 32km

That’s 17.5 hours training! Almost certainly my biggest ever.

It’s been a hard week with the weather so warm (for here) - I’m not used to training in such temperatures, although this week plus my runs in California must be helping the acclimitisation process! I’ve got to hope it’s cooler in Zurich, but train as if it won’t be.

Next week will be my last hard week. With the work summer party on Friday, I’m taking a rest day on Saturday and then doing a ‘Long Day’ on Sunday - I’ll aim for a 4km lake swim, 110km bike and 26km bike (the latter two being ‘metric IM legs’, seems a waste to do a metric lake swim to shave half an hour off the day). After next week, I start tapering down.

Things to do in the next couple of weeks

  • Hire a bike box (I have a contact, just haven’t heard back yet)
  • Get some straps to tie glasses on with
  • Finalise race day strategy planning
  • Find orange handlebar tape (my wheels aren’t matching my bars, terrible)