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Ironman Switzerland Race Plan

Following Joe Friel’s advice, here is my race plan:

Ironman Switzerland 2010

“Finish healthily tired”


13 hrs (01:30/07:30/04:00)

Keys for success

  • Ride consistently
  • Eat well on the bike
  • Eat something on the run
  • Drink consistently
  • Run steadily, with walk breaks for water

Race week

  • In bed by 11pm
  • No alcohol
  • No coffee
  • Day off Thursday to do local preparation (pick up bike box, pack, rest)
  • Race preparation day Friday, Family day Saturday
  • Charge computer and watch

Race day

04:15 wake up, dress, prepare race bottles 04:30 breakfast - one coffee, some cereal, toast 05:00 coach leaves hotel 06:00 body marking? 06:05 Sunscreen on 06:20 Bike ready: low gear, bottles, computer attached, tyres pumped, towel down, socks and armwarmers prerolled 06:25 Run ready: run shoes in place, watch, food in place 06:35 Wetsuit on, body glide applied, goggles under hat 06:45 flush wetsuit and short swim if possible 07:00 We’re off!


Aim: 01:30 Start at the back left Keep out of everyone’s way, and then just swim smooth and slow until I’m finished Sight well, swim straight


Turn computer on Finish removing wetsuit, goggles, cap Helmet on Dry feet Socks on Shoes on Race belt on Food in pocket Take bike to mount line GO!


Aim: 07:30 “Make most of flat!”

0-30km flat 30-35km 100m ascent 35-45km flattish 45-52km down 52-57km big up 57-65km down then smaller up 65-70km big descent 70-83km flat 83-85km Heartbreak up and down 85-120km flat 120-125km 100m ascent 125-135km flattish 135-142km down 142-147km big up 147-15km down then smaller up 155-160km big descent 160-173km flat 173-175km Heartbreak up and down 175-180km flat

Computer will be set to beep every 10km - which will be every 24mins, on average After first 10km and then at 100km, eat bar, wash down with water. Drink a small amount of energy drink as I feel Drink from gel flask and wash down with water every 10km that I’m not eating a bar Refill water at 60km if need be as no more water for another 60km! Energy drink will be refreshed through packets of SIS Go that can be emptied into bottle.

Aim to make the most of the flat sections by travelling at around 30kph, and take the climbs nice and easy.


Stop bike computer Rack bike Helmet off Turn watch on Gloves off Bike shoes off Run shoes on Move race belt round Swap to run food GO! Start watch


Aim 04:00 “Finish strong”

Four laps of 10.55km. First lap should feel relatively easy, last lap very hard, but aim is to finish strong.

Target pace of 05:39/km, this allows 6 seconds/km break - so after 5km I can stop for 30seconds or walk for 1 min. This means that I can take on water regularly (both drink and for cooling if very hot)

One shot blok before a water stop at around every 5km, with two taken every ten.