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Ironman Update - 2 Weeks to Go

Two weeks to go, and another hard training week done

Swim: 03h30, 8km, longest 3.8km Bike: 06h45, 178km, longest 116km Run: 03h50, 40km, longest 26km

While that’s only 14 hours, compared to last week’s 17.5 hours, 8 of those were in a single day across three disciplines

I decided to go for a Long Day, involving a swim in Taplow Lake, a long bike and then a long run

I suffered on the run and will have to devote some time to emergency run-walk strategies in case similar happens in Switzerland - not sure yet whether I’ll cope with 2km run, 1 min walk (which is what I ended up doing yesterday to some degree of success) or will need even more drastic measures. However, decent nutrition and proper hydration (including cooling) should prevent things getting as bad as yesterday.

Still a couple of things on my to-do list that I need to get fixed before the end of the week.

Plan for this week is initial taper - perhaps a week at 3/4 normal volume, and then next week at 1/2 volume.