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Ironman Switzerland - 1 Week to Go

This time next week, if things are going to plan, I should be at the tail end of the marathon that concludes Ironman Switzerland.

I fly to Switzerland on Thursday, ready for a day of registering and briefing and shopping on Friday, and a day of rest (well, sightseeing) and racking on Saturday.

I’ve done my last big swim, my last big brick, everything now will be short for the taper. In terms of preparation, I could have done better - there are weeks that barely register an hour in the training log. On the flip side, there are four weeks where I did more than 14 hours.

In total I’ve done Swim: 61 hours, 118km (nearly 30 IM swim legs) Bike: 95 hours, 2143km (about 12 IM bike legs) Run: 70 hours, 740km (about 18 IM run legs)

We’ll see next week whether that’s enough to do a decent time - I’d like to do under 13 hours, ideally quite a bit under. Finishing, however, will be acceptable - if the last few weeks have taught me anything it’s not to underestimate the heat over that duration and distance.