Will Thames

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Getting Back in the Groove

Two weeks after Ironman, I’ve yet to regain my mojo. I have a long duathlon in early September and a half marathon in early October that I need to be prepared for, but so far I’ve run three times (admittedly one of those was a fast 5k) and swum once. I haven’t once got on the bike.

I’m not too bothered, I think it’s fairly natural, my motivation to train is diminished (especially swimming - I have no races even planned yet in which I need to swim - but it’s the area that has a lot of gains still to come), but I will get back into it.

I’m starting to think in terms of goals for next year - for example, I’d like to get towards a 2:30 olympic triathlon, towards a 3:30 marathon, towards a 20 minute 5k, and get under a 30 minute pool 1500m swim. As I’m 35 this year, I could aim for a 3:15 marathon in the next couple of years and qualify for Boston - I think there’s more chance of that than qualifying for Hawaii (slowest M35-39 qualifier in Switzerland was 9h24)!

I plan to work on swim and run technique over the next few months, moving towards a more lightweight run shoe, for example (e.g. my new Brooks Green Silence, pictured here - taken on my phone) and will consider more video swim coaching (as well as going to swim group sessions).

Interesting results from my full Ironman results - I was 386th in the swim, 390th on the bike, and 279th on the run - 346th overall. Guess my bike needs as much work as my swim! Also my first run lap (57 mins was ridiculously fast relative to the other three (all around 70 mins)).