Will Thames

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Four Weeks Later

I rode my bike for the first time in four weeks today, did four laps of Richmond Park. I bonked a little on the last lap, but had a gel and a bar and was ok after that. Pretty pleased with my pace, all things considered.

My goal for the London Duathlon is the least ambitious sounding goal I’ve ever come up with - to finish before the cutoff. However, as the cutoff is quite aggressive (6h30, I think), it’ll be relatively tight. I think I should be able to do the 77km bike in 3 hours, if I get my nutrition right (plan will be energy drink and water bottles, and then one gel per lap). That does leave 3h30 for the run, which is longer than I’d aim for, but Richmond Park is a hilly place, and 30km of that could easily take it out of me. And my training plan for the next fortnight will be runs in Australia when I can, and perhaps the odd swim too.

Ah well, it’s only a B race, and if nothing else it will be an endurance training session for the half marathon four weeks later. Which I really need to prepare for - I have no worries about going the distance, but I’d really like to hit 1h45, even if only because that’s what the friend I’m racing against will be aiming for too!